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Shifu Yancy Orchard

Orchard Kung Fu (OKF) provides training for students in the Li Family Arts of Daoqiquan, a traditional, family-style of martial and health methods collated, integrated, and preserved by the Li Family of Sichuan Province, China since 1580 AD.


Our Instructors offer Martial Arts Programs and Health & Vitality Programs for serious students who want to develop genuine martial abilities and improve themselves as human beings. We train mature students (16+ years of age) to increase their awareness and focus and achieve whole body power, spontaneous action, efficient movement, and flexibility of mind. 

An official Jiulong Baguazhang Wu Guan (Martial Training Hall) certified under the auspices of Dr. John Painter and the Jiulong Baguazhang Association, Orchard Kung Fu offers courses consisting of Reality-Based Health and Self-Defence methods and principles. These concepts are informed by the latest scientific research integrated with traditional teachings and hard-won personal experience and taught with an approach that makes the traditional mystical explanations clear, concise and devoid of fantasy. 


Orchard Kung Fu is home to the second official commercial Daoqiquan Wu Guan (Martial Training Hall) in the world. The school, itself, is called the Xin Fu Gompa (“Complete Acceptance Sanctuary”) in honour of the Li Jia (family) living philosophy, called Xin Fu Dao, translatable as both “Complete Acceptance of the Way” and “The Way of Complete Acceptance,” that permeates all of the Li Jia Daoqiquan arts. Combining Chinese and Tibetan terms is meant to respect and remember the multicultural origin of Daoqiquan.


Daoqiquan, translated as “The Martial Way of Vitality,” is so much more than just a collection of martial arts. The Orchard Kung Fu Xin Fu Gompa has been built on the understanding that all three categories of arts, including the Wu (Martial), the Yang Sheng (Health and Vitality), and Shen (Spiritual) are essential to surviving disadvantageous circumstances and thriving throughout one’s lifespan.


Daoqiquan arts encompass methods of mortal combat (Jiulong Baguazhang, Liu Taijiquan, Ziran Xingyiquan, Xizang Panxuan She Qanji, Xizang Canglu Quan), classical and modern practical weapon tactics (sword, sabre, staff, halberd, spear, knife, three-section staff, meteor hammer, nine-section whip, pistol, and many others), methods of developing health, vitality, and longevity (Dao Yin, traditional Tibetan Yoga methods, Qigong for immune system enhancement, Qigong for hormonal and neurotransmitter secretion optimization, Qigong for ethical development, Qigong for integrating the mind, body, and spirit, and Qigong for living and feeling one’s philosophy), as well as a Li Jia paradigm constructed from deep, syncretic family wisdom teachings that integrate practices and concepts ranging from traditional Chinese Ancestor Veneration, Tibetan Bon, Confucianism, Daoism, Dzogchen, through Buddhism.


Daoqiquan, The Martial Way of Vitality, is a comprehensive method of how to live fully, richly, and vibrantly, exulting in the face of the challenges one encounters merely because one is alive and has a body. This is the spirit underlying and embodying Orchard Kung Fu’s Xin Fu Gompa:  study and practise of Daoqiquan as a method to release/transformation of one’s self into an Authentic/Genuine Person (眞人/真人 zhēnrén/chen-jen). The main vehicle of this transformation at the Xin Fu Gompa is Daoqiquan’s crown jewel: Jiulong Baguazhang and its associated methods of Qigong.  

Upcoming Classes

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To sign up or learn more, contact OKF at 306-229-6274 or



 I extend my personal invitation to each of you to come and join me at the Xin Fu Gompa and immerse yourself in the 435 year-old Li Jia river of knowledge that flows from Tibet, the Land of the Snows, through China, the Middle Kingdom, to Texas, the Lone Star State, and, now, to Saskatoon, in the Land of the Living Skies.


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Dr. Yancy Orchard



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