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Bagua Wu Xian Qigong

Bauga Wu Xian Qigong was reputedly transmitted by the famous Li, Qing Yun (Li, Ching Yuen) and through the efforts of Dr. John Painter, the program has been researched, systematized and blended with modern medical knowledge to become an unparalleled method of unifying and optimizing one’s mind-body-spirit and harmoniously balancing oneself with Nature.

Li, Qing Yun, according to Li family oral tradition, practiced a health method he called Long Wudao Qigong (Dragon Dancing Vitality Skill) as part of his personal Baguazhang tradition. Li, Zhanglai, who studied with Li, Qing Yun, renamed these practices Bagua Wu Xian Qigong (Eight Trigram Dance of the Immortal Vitality Skill).

The practices making up the comprehensive practice of Bagua Wu Xian Qigong include Quiet Sitting, Dao Yin, Standing Meditation (Zhan Zhuang), Spring Rain Qigong, Flying Dragon Qigong, Dragon Wind & Water Qigong, Lucky Number Qigong, and Golden Vigour Qigong.

What Courses Can I Take?

Traditionally, martial arts in China were taught to beginners and casual students in the courtyard, while the inner hall training was reserved for formally inducted disciples. The Li family taught no one outside the family until Li, Longdao taught Dr. John Painter in Texas. Rather than courtyard and inner hall, think of multiple rivers springing from the fountainhead of Daoqiquan, the Martial Way of Vitality.

There are a variety of streams of study are available to Health & Vitality students. They are, generally, taught in short courses throughout the year. Many students return to the same course several times due to the profound nature of the material. Over time, they integrate the practices and philosophies deeply in their lives.

Entry Level Health & Vitality Courses


Advanced Health & Vitality courses

    Teacher Training 
​Special Workshops and Events 

Orchard Kung Fu is dedicated to balancing the vigorous yang qualities of our martial training with the restorative yin qualities inherent in the best of Taijiquan and Qigong methods.


The Li Family arts of Health & Vitality ​are cleansing and rejuvenating therapies entwined with deep, life-affirming philosophies that allow you to simultaneously rarefy your spirit, refine your mind and purify your body.  


The essence of our Health and Longevity curriculum is the unique Li Clan Daoist Bagua Wu Xian Qigong.


The newest addition to our Health and Longevity curriculum is the Tai Chi for Health course.


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