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Workshop with Dr. John Painter

Saskatoon Workshops with Shigong Painter are held once or twice per year. This is an absolutely incredible training event! The head of the Li family’s Dao Qi Quan arts and Jiulong Baguazhang will come to your doorstep. If you are serious about improving yourself, you will not miss this!



-- Feb 8 to 10, 2013

-- Nov 22, 23, 24



-- TBA

Chinese New Year Celebration


Orchard Kung Fu students and instructors celebrate Chinese New Years with good friendship and great eats. Please contact Yancy Orchard for more information.

Special Workshops And Events


Dr. Painter Workshops

Workshop 1: Open Your Mind to Change


  - Friday, January 24, 2020 -  7:00pm to 9:30 pm.

  • *Students will need to bring their own Yijing Book for the program

  • Explore the Yijing as a personal insight method using the Li family hexagram casting methods.


  • The Yijing (I-ching), or Chinese book of changes, is one of the oldest books in the world. It began as a type of agrarian calendar used to forecast planting seasons and evolved over hundreds if not thousands of years into a way to tap into one’s subconscious mind. Some have used it as a way to tell fortunes, but this is not really what the Yijing actually does. One should never have someone else "cast" the Yijing for them. It is a very personal practice. Shifu John Painter will show you a unique way to use and understand the depths of the Book of Changes for your own personal oracle to open up your mind to the spirit of change.

  •                                                 . 
  • Cost
  • Full Weekend Workshop - $250.00

  • Friday only - $75.00

  • Limited Space. Book Your Spot Today.

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