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What Courses Can I Take?

Traditionally, martial arts in China were taught to beginners and casual students in the courtyard, while the inner hall training was reserved for formally inducted disciples. The Li family taught no one outside the family until Li, Longdao taught Dr. John Painter in Texas. Rather than courtyard and inner hall, think of multiple rivers springing from the fountainhead of Daoqiquan, the Martial Way of Vitality.

The following streams of study are available to martially-inclined students:

The Path of the Circle
     • Jiulong Baguazhang - Nine Dragons Eight Trigrams Palm
 The Path of the Fist
     • Ziran Xingyiquan – Natural Form Intention Boxing
The Path of Balance
     • Liu Taijiquan – Willow-style Grand Ultimate Boxing
     • Taijiquan Sensitivity and Power Training
 The Path of the Snake 
     • Panxuan She Qanji - Tibetan Coiling Snake Boxing
The Path of Steel
     • Traditional Chinese Weaponry
Teacher Training


Daoqiquan Kung Fu Basics course is the source of the all the martial styles taught at Orchard Kung Fu and the beginning of the path for novices. This coures opens the door to further studies in Jiulong Baguazhang, Ziran Xingyiquan, and Tibetan Snake Boxing, depending on the student’s interest.

Beginners may also enroll directly in the Tai Chi for Health course. The Tai Chi for Health course is self-contained and does not serve as a prerequisite for the other martial courses.

Traditional Chinese Weaponry courses may be attended by students of any of the Martial Paths and by beginners who meet the prerequisites.

Once a stream in one of the three internal arts taught at Orchard Kung Fu is chosen, the student is served best by committing to that river. It is difficult to paddle in two rivers at the same time. Thus, students interested in studying Liu Taijiquan, Jiulong Baguazhang, and Ziran Xingyiquan may enroll in only one of these programs at a time. This allows the student to develop real skill in their chosen method and avoid creating Platypus Kung Fu: a conglomeration of bits and pieces! For example, a Jiulong Baguazhang student who wished to learn Ziran Xingyiquan must withdraw from the Jiulong Baguazhang course and enroll in the Ziran Xingyiquan course.

The Tibetan Snake Boxing course is, however, open to those who have completed the Kung Fu Basics course as well as those who are enrolled in either Jiulong Baguazhang or Ziran Xingyiquan. Both of those arts are then able to freely use their methods on the ground. This course is only for those willing to undergo a strenuous conditioning regime.

The Traditional Chinese Weaponry courses are also open to anyone who has completed the Kung Fu Basics course. Students

may study Daoqi Weaponry courses only, or  they may combine the study of cold arms with any of the other arts taught at OKF.

Entry Level Courses
Daoqiquan Kung Fu Basics 


Tai Chi for Health 

Health and Vitality Courses

Advanced Courses
Jiulong Baguazhang​  (Levels I, II)

Prerequisite: Daoqiquan Kung Fu Basics. 

Ziran Xingyiquan

Prerequisite: Daoqiquan Kung Fu Basics. 

Tibetan Snake Boxing (Panxuanshe Qanji)

Prerequisite: Daoqiquan Kung Fu Basics.

Special: Students may enrol in this course AND Jiulong Baguazhang OR Ziran Xingyiquan simultaneously


This course is only for those willing to undergo a strenuous conditioning regime. This course is not suitable for students with knee, hip, or spine injuries. Please discuss any concerns with Dr. Orchard.

Traditional Chinese Weaponry

Prerequisite: Daoqiquan Kung Fu Basics. Special: Students may enrol in this course AND any other course.

Special Workshops And Events



Martial Arts Programs

Orchard Kung Fu orients itself toward effective, realistic self-defense and health.We do not train for trophies. We do not train for rank. We train students to prevent, survive, and escape the threat of personal violence.

“Spitting blood

clears up reality

and dream alike”

                                 -Sunao (1887-1926)

The ultimate goal of our martial training is to develop internal vitality, moving naturally with such power, grace, and balance that one is able to advantageously blend with the “NOW” moment – merging and flowing with external forces and challenges while preserving one’s own energy.

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