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"Spring Rain" indicates this qigong method improves lymphatic fluid flow throughout the body. Benefits of enhanced lymphatic system function include a stronger immune system, supple tendons and ligaments, less cellular inflammation and increased energy. Gently increase your range of motion, release tension in your muscles, strengthen your tendons and ligaments, deepen your breath, improve your circulation, decrease edema, calm your emotions, still your thoughts and integrate your mind/body. 


Learn to guide your intention and breath through your body. Discover a gentle mind/body exercise that transforms you without strain. 


​Great For Beginners.



None. The course is open to those 16 years of age and up, and is suitable for beginners.


Spring Rain Qigong is usually offered once or twice per year, with six classes per session and a limit of 16 participants. Classes are a combination of lecture and practice, leaning heavily on practice. See Schedule or contact Orchard Kung Fu for more information.



Comfortable clothing are all that is necessary to begin. Try to bring something with long sleeves, if possible. Indoor shoes, socks or bare feet are acceptable.  We will be sitting on pillows or short stools on the floor for a 15-30 minute period at the beginning of each class. If this is a problem of any sort, please let your instructor know and we may be able to accomodate you some other way. Bring a pen and paper to take notes and a water bottle. For students who have practiced at least three months, school T-shirts and traditional, black Hanzifu (“Kung-fu” uniforms) are required.



The course is held over six sequential classes, each building on the material of the previous class. Students are introduced to general qigong theory and will learn Quiet Sitting, Dao-Yin exercises, Standing Meditation, and Circle Walking Meditation.

For information on dates and times, visit the SCHEDULE.


Spring Rain is a very simple set of movements that can be practiced seated, standing, walking or circle walking. The movements are smooth, slow, fluid changes from one posture to the next that have been used by Daoists to improve health for centuries.


Spring Rain Qigong

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