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Willow Taijiquan Sensitivity & Power Training  


New Course for 2018

Willow Taijiquan Sensitivity & Power Training

This is an intermediate Taijiquan course that will concentrate on developing the sensitivity (Ting Jin: Listening Skill) for which taijiquan is famous and testing the alignments for correct power delivery.


Course work includes practising:

- the expanding and uprooting found in the core concept Peng (Ward Off)

- Lu (Roll Back), to teach rooting, rotating the ridgepole, adhering (Yielding, Merging, Sticking), Dissolving, and Magnetic Body.

- Jie (Press) to introduce penetration and projection, and

- An (Push) introducing the idea of condensing, heavy arms, and controlling your partner.


In addition, various Push Hands games will be developed, including the Li Family’s Supple Willow Bends series, Dragon Flowing Exercise, and Anzhangfa, the Li family’s Moving Push Hands Method.

This course will be nearly all partner exercises and equipment drills designed to help the students develop sensitivity, avoid localization, and develop power. The course will not be concerned with tactical applications from a combat perspective because one must develop the appropriate sensitivity and correct method of using the body according to taijiquan principles before working at the speed required for combat.


Tai Chi for Health students who have learned the Five Treasures Form (Wu Bao Wudao).  

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