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Quiet Sitting Posture

Decreasing Tension and Stress​

Long Feng Shui Qigong

Dragon Wind and Water Vitality Skill
Long Feng Shui Qigong, or Dragon Wind & Water Vitality Skill, is believed to be a portion of Master Li, Qingyun’s personal Baguazhang practice. 

Feng Shui, or Wind and Water, is a complex art, also known as Traditional Chinese Geomancy. It is based on practical observations of nature, superstitions, philosophical principles, and some science. Most people are familiar with Feng Shui as the art of arranging the environment to facilitate the flow of Qi from the world around to human beings.


Now preserved in the Li family Jiulong Baguazhang art as a method of orienting our bodies and harmonizing our minds with nature’s patterns of energy.


Long Feng Shui Qigong is a method of human Feng Shui that orients the body and harmonizes the psyche with the natural, daily and seasonal cycles of change. In the Yijing, Classic of Change, each of these moments in the cycle is represented by a six-lined symbol called a Gua, or Hexagram. Hexagrams can be separated into an upper and lower Trigram of three lines each. In Jiulong Baguazhang, each Trigram is represented by a physical posture, called a “Palm,” and each Palm has an associated Xin, or Attitude, also known as the Heart-Mind, associated with it. By combining these postures and attitudes such that they represent the daily, fortnight, monthly, seasonal, and annual fluctuations represented by the Yijing Gua, we are able to use specific visualizations during Quiet Sitting, Standing Meditation, and Circle Walking to create a powerful resonance between the Self and nature.


“In the end, whatever you call it, it is no more than the Xin/Heart-Mind and the Qi/Breath becoming as one.”

Purposefully directed imagination, fired by the passion of the heart-mind, develops an indomitable spirit and can transform the body. Reconnecting with the rhythms of nature with an integrated body-mind releases unconscious tensions and reinvigorates us.


Dr. Orchard prefers to teach this method of qigong after the student has been introduced to all the palms. The results are significantly enhanced for students who can clearly embody the Xin (Attitude) of each of Jiulong Baguazhang’s eight palms. They can, then, better manifest the appropriate Xin of the more complicated combined Gua and experience the most profound nature of the practice.



FDQ III- Nine Healing Circles Qigong


See Schedule for more information. 


A T-shirt and comfortable sweatpants and indoor shoes are all that is necessary to begin. For students who have practiced at least three months, school T-shirts and traditional, black Hanzifu (“Kung-fu” uniforms) are required. 


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