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Our Instructors

Shigong Dr. John Painter

As Grand Teacher (Shigong) of the Li Family System, Daoqiquan,
Dr. John Painter is the inheritor and head instructor of the Li family art called Daoqiquan which is headquartered at the Gompa Center in Arlington, Texas.


Dr. John Painter is the root source and technical director for all material concerning Jiulong Baguazhang and Flying Dragon Qigong as taught in the courses available at Orchard Kung Fu. Dr. Painter makes two trips to Saskatoon every year (February and September) to bring his vast knowledge to the students that Dr. Orchard has under his
care <


Shifu Dr. Yancy Orchard

Dr. Yancy Orchard is the founder and owner of Orchard Kung Fu, teaching Martial Arts, Health and Vitality programs and private lessons at the Orchard Kung Fu Xin Fu Gompa. He is also available for workshops around the world.


Dr. Yancy Orchard began training in martial arts in 1983. He first encountered Dr. Painter and his Jiulong Baguazhang in an article in Inside Kung Fu Magazine. Several years later, in 1994, Dr. Orchard moved to Dallas, TX to study chiropractic at the Parker College of Chiropractic. He then sought out Dr. Painter’s school, at the time called The Wholistic Fitness Center, and dove in, whole-heartedly, to the most comprehensive mind-body martial program he’d ever come across <...more>


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