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As Grand Teacher (Shigong) of the Li Family System, Daoqiquan, Dr. John Painter, PhD, ND, Shigong is the inheritor and head instructor of the Li family art called Daoqiquan which is headquartered at the Gompa Center in Arlington, Texas.


Dr. John Painter is the root source and technical director for all material concerning Jiulong Baguazhang and Flying Dragon Qigong as taught in the courses available at Orchard Kung Fu. Dr. Painter makes two trips to Saskatoon every year (February and September) to bring his vast knowledge to the students that Dr. Orchard has under his care.


John Painter, began training in the Li family styles of Baguazhang, Taijiquan, Xingyiquan, Tibetan Snake Boxing, Tibetan Blue Heron Boxing, Daoist Qigong Yoga and weapons in 1957. Painter studied with his Shifu Li, Long-dao until shortly after 1969 when he was provided with a letter of lineage naming him the Zongshi (inheritor) of the Li Daoqiquan family style lineage.


During the 1980’s Dr Painter studied Tibetan Meditation and the Yantra method of Nyida Khajor Tibetan Yoga through the venerable Trangu Rinpoche and other Tibetan Lamas. Painter holds a Ph.D. in Chinese Naturopathic medicine He has been teaching Chinese internal martial arts and Qigong around the world for over 45 years.


Dr. Painter is the chief instructor at the Gompa Center in Arlington Texas, the oldest Chinese martial arts school in Texas. He also oversees a network of branch schools throughout the United States, Great Britain, Germany, Israel and Canada. Dr. Painter was elected to the Inside Kung Fu Hall of Fame, The Texas Martial Arts Hall of Fame and was named as one of the most sought after Chinese martial arts seminar instructors in America by Inside Karate and Black Belt magazines.



Shigong Dr. John Painter

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