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Decreasing Tension and Stress​

Breathing to lower stress​


Flying Dragon Qigong Manual, by Dr. John Painter
Recommended Study Aides
Combat Baguazhang: Nine Dragon System, Volume One: Forms and Principles by Dr. John Painter
The Architecture of Internal Power, by Dr. Painter
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Flying Dragon Qigong II - Clearing the Dragon’s Path is the second stage of Flying Dragon Qigong taught at Orchard Kung Fu. It is a six week course  for those  who have an experiential understanding of Flying Dragon Qigong - Discovering the Three Treasures and who wish to deepen their practice. The class will incorporate a significant amount of circle walking. We will practice Discovering the Three Treasures every class and then add new information. The course is open to those 16 years of age and up.  


Goals of Clearing the Dragon’s Path


To establish a firm experiential knowledge of the involved Daoist energetic anatomy: 

- Energy gates of the Dumaii and Renmai meridiens,

- Three cauldrons and the Thrusting Channel, 

- Microcosmic orbit.


To mentally prepare the energy pathways to receive Qi by developing the effortless ability to activate each point while circle walking.


Dispel desire and create energy.


Open Greater Heavenly Cycle for Qi flow. 


Activate energy flow in the Thrusting Channel


Improve Circle Walking Skills



Completion of the Flying Dragon Qigong:  Discovering the Three Treasures course, and Flying Dragon Qigong course manual



Flying Dragon Qigong II - Clearing the Dragon’s Path is offered once per year. See Schedule or contact Orchard Kung Fu for more information. 



A T-shirt and comfortable sweatpants and indoor shoes are all that is necessary to begin. For students who have practiced at least three months, school T-shirts and traditional, black Hanzifu (“Kung-fu” uniforms) are required. 


Required Study Aides
  • “Flying Dragon Qigong Manual” by Dr. John Painter

Recommended Study Aides
  • “Combat Baguazhang: Nine Dragon System, Volume One - Forms and Principles” by Dr. John Painter

  • “The Architecture of Internal Power” (Video) by Dr. Painter



The course is held over five sequential classes, each building on the material of the previous class. Students are introduced to more advanced visualizations and more complex movements designed to prepare the microcosmic orbit for Qi flow.

For information on dates and times, visit the SCHEDULE.



Flying Dragon Qigong II

Clearing the Dragon's Path
Fundamental Principles of Flying Dragon Qigong


At Orchard Kung Fu, the core of our health and vitality arts curriculum revolves around the art of Flying Dragon Qigong.  


Devised by Li, Ching Yuen in the 1800’s, preserved by the Li family and brought into the light of science by Dr. John Painter, Flying Dragon Qigong is an internal cleansing therapy that allows you to simultaneously rarefy your spirit, refine your mind and purify your body.


Flying Dragon Qigong encompasses seated meditation, gentle Daoist yoga, standing meditation, and circle walking. No matter your present age or state of health, you will find benefits of incalculable value if you begin a consistent daily practice of Flying Dragon Qigong.

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