The "Mother" palms


The “Mother” Palms

The “Mother” Palms use the archetypes of the 2,000 year-old Classic of Change (Yijing) to infuse the distinct mechanical actions of each palm with an attitude (Xin) and an intention (Yi) above and beyond the powerful directional physics they manifest. This brings a wholeness of mind-body-passion to each characteristic movement that synergistically generates more power than is possible with mere muscular contraction and more adaptable than raw emotional expression.


(Italicized passages below quoted from John Minford, I Ching, 2014)

  • Heaven is the father of all energies. It is the sky archetype; the creation energy. It is the master source of the expansive power that gives rise to all the other palms. It is the appropriate place to begin.


Strong is the Movement of Heaven.


The True Gentleman

Tempers Himself.


  • Lake is deep and placid in appearance and gives rise to great joy. Hidden things lie deep in the lake. It rises and falls with a horizontal, slicing action.


This Flows

With the Tao of Heaven;…


Is faced with Joy.

Death forgotten.


  • Fire bursts upwards like a bright flash of illumination or cannon ball, but it can, also, cling to the opponent consuming their power.


Double Brightness

Is attached to Truth…

The Yielding

Is attached to Center,

To Truth.


  • Thunder awakens one, suddenly startling with awesome shocks. Pulses of expansion, or shaking while embracing.


The Quake

Makes men tremble;

It makes them laugh. …

Movement. …

It stirs to Action.


  • Wind penetrates unseen, flowing rapidly and changing directions and intensity unpredictably. Vertical striking and chopping actions.


It scatters,

Arrays things evenly. …

It enters. …

It is Advance,



  • Water is dark, deep, and dangerous. Flowing ceaselessly with unimaginable power, water adapts to the circumstance and situation without limit.


Water flows,

It does not fill. …

There are

Perilous depths.


  • Mountain is unperturbable, acting at exactly the right time and never exceeding the boundary. Impenetrable inner stillness.


The Man of True Discernment…

Whether Moving or Still,

Whether curved or straight,

Is always in tune with Time.

He treads the path of Sincerity.


  • Earth is the softest of all. The Receptive, it absorbs with a spiraling, infinite gentleness.


The Mare is of Earth.

Roams the Boundless Earth.