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​​Bagua I

​​Dragon Rolling the Pearl

Bagua I - Dragon Rolling the Pearl

Bagua I - Dragon Rolling the Pearl is Orchard Kung Fu’s intermediate course in martial arts. Dr. Yancy Orchard presents the second half of the Dragon Rolling the Pearl curriculum developed by Shigong Painter and Shifu Castaldo. This method of transmitting the art has been tested several years and has produced stunning results. This program develops the required strong physical and mental foundation for later in-depth study of Jiulong Baguazhang. The complex skills of Circle Walking and momentum management are introduced and carefully polished in this course.



Completion of the Kung Fu Basics - Embracing the Pearl program.



Classes run all year long. See Schedule.



School T-shirts and traditional, black Hanzifu (“Kung-fu” uniforms) are required, and indoor shoes are recommended.



The goal of the class is to introduce the student to all of the below material, develop free manoeuvrability, and encourage spontaneity and creative responsiveness under pressure. 

  • Daoist Philosophical Principles

  • Dao Yin (Daoist yoga)

  • Quiet Sitting (meditation)

  • Advanced Stances: Heron, Snake, Phoenix, White Ape/Eight

  • Traditional Chinese Martial Principles: Three-to-One, Too Close Too Far, Silk Reeling, Five circles, Targeting, Striking…

  • Circle Walking Principles: Water Dragon Turn, Pendulum Step, Double Ba Turn, Circling the Circle, Dragon Circles the Moon, Big Dragon Turns Around, Dragon Whirls in Flight

  • Two person skill development games: Willow Bends, Two Dragons at Play, Anzhangfa, One-Step Sparring

  • Zhandouli (Martial Power) Qigong: Post Standing (Zhan Zhuang)

  • Equipment training

  • Nine Palace Training



Kung Fu Basics               Bagua II
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