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 Bagua II

Meeting the Dragons

Bagua II

Bagua II - Meeting the Dragons is our advanced Martial Arts course and is for serious students only. Students are introduced to each of the palm shapes that comprise Jiulong Baguazhang by sequential three-to-six-month immersion periods in each particular “mother” palm. This gives the student an opportunity to develop a strong mind/body engram for each palm. The Mind-Shape (Yizhang) of each palm will be thoroughly cultivated; the mechanics, explored; tactics, investigated; applications, experienced. The student should clearly understand the goal of this class is to create a good working knowledge of the Xin (Heart/Mind or Attitude) for each palm; the student will should not expect to have mastered any of the palms after this introductory exploratory course.



Recommendation by instructor

Flying Dragon Qigong I - Discovering the Three Treasures


PLEASE TAKE NOTE: This course is for serious students only. Students must have demonstrated the discipline of regular solitary practice. Each section of the course is very rich in material. Due to the quantity of information that must be covered, no time-allowance for covering missed material exists. A student who misses too many classes will be asked to step back into the Rolling the Pearl class until the next session begins so as not to impede the progress of their classmates. Students must, therefore, make a personal commitment to attend as many classes as possible. Furthermore, without regular solitary practice, a student will make little progress in this class. These classes are not simple drill and exercise sessions.  



Students may begin only at the start of a new session. Classes run all year long. See Schedule.



School T-shirts and traditional, black Hanzifu (“Kung-fu” uniforms) are required, and indoor shoes are recommended.



Varies depending on the particular Palm or special topic under study.

  • Yizhang (Intention) of the Palm

  • Xin (Attitude) of the Palm

  • Yi Xin Gong of the Palm

  • Mechanics of the Palm

  • Integration of the Palm into Linear and Circle Walking methods

  • Palm Positions and Changes

  • Qigong of the Palm

  • Daoist Philosophical Principles and Applications of the Palm

  • Martial Applications

  • Equipment Training

  • Partner Training


Kung Fu Basics                       Bagua I
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